From My Desk in Oceanside

Been there --- Done that !!! ...

I have been around the world, more that once.

Traveled to far away places with strange sounding names

Like Addis Ababa, Abu Dhabi, Djibouti, Muscat and Tbilisi

And set foot on all the continents of the Earth, except Antarctica.

Have seen New York City from the Empire State building,

Paris from the Eiffel Tower, Toronto from the CN Tower,

And Pisa from atop the Leaning Tower

Viewed the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

I have visited Giza, Egypt, its Sphinx and great Pyramids.

Toured the canals of Amsterdam and Venice.

In the Irish city of Limerick, I did not hear one, filthy or otherwise !

In addition to good old US dollars I have dealt in

Australian, Canadian, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore 

and Zimbabwe dollars.  Belgium, French and Swiss francs, 

English, Egyptian and Irish pounds.  Italian and Turkish lira.

Also in Burr,  Dinar,  Dirham, Escudo, Guilder, Krona, Mark, Peseta,

 Peso, Rand, Rupee, Shilling, Won and Yen ---- just to name a few.

Been there --- Done that !!! ...


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Wishing you and yours
all the best in the
21st Century and the
New Millennium

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